Limited Edition Pedals

Limited Edition Pedals

Limited Edition Pedal Art


Have a limited pedal on your board?
Send a pic to and we may feature it here!
Thanks to everyone who's submitted so far!

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Spaceman Voyager Silver Sparkle Mayflower

Black Green Voyager

Limited Julia Astronaut Voyager

Black Blue Angle Deep Six Pumpkin Head Iron Horse

Orange Black Mayflower Limited 2016 Jupiter

Space Pilgrim

Mermaid Deep Six Black White Mayflower

Silver Janus

Limited Group Shot

Gold Sparkle Voyager Red Black Tentacle Deep Six

Silver Black Mayflower

Red Teal Mayflower White Green Mayflower

Black Blue Mayflower_White Gold Angle Deep Six Rainbow Voyager

White Pink Harvester

Pink Janus

Red Sparkle Jupiter Blue Black Mayflower Voyager Harvester Pumpin Ironhorse

Black Rainbow Voyager

Spaceman Voyager Gold Black Voyager

Silver Ironhorse Black Blue Mayflower Spaceman Voyager Gold Black Angler Red Black Deep Six angler

White Black Phoenix

White Black Voyager

Statue Jupiter Black Gold Angler

Black Green Janus Red White Voyager