• Limited Deep Six Angler "Fangs" Edition

    Posted on March 17 2017

    Limited Deep Six Angler
    Alone at after a deep sea fishing incident, one lost soul has been discovered by the mythical Deep Six Angler. This unique new version of our compressor comes in a...
  • Circa Survive / MewithoutYou / Dallas, March 1

    Posted on March 08 2017

    Circa Survive / MewithoutYou / Dallas, March 1
    We had the pleasure to meet up with the boys in Circa Survive and MewithoutYou at Gas Monkey Live in Dallas, TX last week. Circa was on the tail end...
  • Warhorn Preorders are now live!

    Posted on March 07 2017

    Warhorn Preorders are now live!
      A new mid-range overdrive that is just, pure, noble and ready to lead your tone into glorious battle. The Warhorn is a mid-range, transparent overdrive pedal that’s capable of...
  • MxPx & Slick Shoes / Dallas, TX 2.17.17

    Posted on February 23 2017

    MxPx & Slick Shoes / Dallas, TX 2.17.17
      Friday night took us to one of our favorite areas in the Deep Ellum area of Dallas Texas. I (Tyler) got to relive some of my favorite songs from...
  • The Jupiter Fuzz V2 is here!

    Posted on February 21 2017

    The Jupiter Fuzz V2 is here!
       For 2017, Walrus has decided it was time for our multi-clip fuzz to get a few nips, tucks, and a makeover. Re-skinned with both new artwork and enclosure color,...
  • Limited Edition Inked Series

    Posted on February 17 2017

    Limited Edition Inked Series
    We met local tattoo artist, Matt Gibson out of Black Magic Tattoo in OKC a few months ago and asked him to come up with some original American Traditional style...
  • Bear's Den / Dallas 2.10.17 & Young The Giant / 2.13.17

    Posted on February 15 2017

    Bear's Den / Dallas 2.10.17 & Young The Giant / 2.13.17
    February is shaping up to be quite the musical month for us at Walrus. Last weekend we had the pleasure of filling our ear holes with delicious melodies and tasteful...
  • Limited Edition Phoenix!

    Posted on February 09 2017

    Limited Edition Phoenix!
      Inspired by bold colors of the southwest, this limited Phoenix with art by Chris Castro has been updated with a highly textured seafoam green enclosure with red, orange and...
  • #theREDshreds Giveaway

    Posted on February 01 2017

    #theREDshreds Giveaway
      ENTER TO WIN THE NEW RED HIGH-GAIN DISTORTION! Our newest addition to our pedal lineup is out and ready to start some circle pits and we'd like to help...

    Posted on January 26 2017

    She's back. Our hauntingly beautiful sea Queen has returned for a limited time. After so much positive feedback from the last round and an ton of requests for more, we've...
  • NAMM Day 2 & 3

    Posted on January 22 2017


    NAMM Day 2 & 3
      The past two days at NAMM have been a crazy, exhausting but awesome whirlwind. Response to all our shiny new gadgets have been really positive making us even more excited...
  • Winter Namm Day 1

    Posted on January 20 2017

    Winter Namm Day 1
    Winter NAMM 2017, Day 1 is complete. Our denim jackets have been hung with care (or flung across our beds) and we're all now catching up with email and social...
  • RED High-Gain Distortion Pre-Order

    Posted on January 18 2017

    RED High-Gain Distortion Pre-Order
      Born from a virus of unknown origins, Walrus Audio is excited to announce The RED. A new high-gain distortion that is a mean, heavy, no mercy distortion that will make you...
  • Limited Edition Bellwether

    Posted on January 11 2017

    Limited Edition Bellwether
      The crowd is angry, tired, hungry. But a passionate hope stands as they rebel against the totalitarian society that has plagued them for so long now. A flame now...
  • Why Clean, Isolated Power is Important

    Posted on December 09 2016

    Why Clean, Isolated Power is Important
      Many of our pedal collections started out the same way. A few pedals thrown into a bag or case that would be laid out on the floor, daisy chained...
  • Norma Jean / My Epic Meetup / OKC 11.17.16

    Posted on November 18 2016

    Norma Jean / My Epic Meetup / OKC 11.17.16
      On Thursday, November 17th, The guys from Norma Jean and My Epic stopped by the shop before their sold out show at 89th St. Collective with Silent Planet and...
  • Limited Edition Deep Six Angler Compressor

    Posted on November 04 2016

    Limited Edition Deep Six Angler Compressor
      We've had some truly incredible art come through on our recent limited edition pedals, but today we're bringing back a long time fan favorite. It's one that surfaces from the...
  • Mewithoutyou - Tulsa 11.2.16

    Posted on November 04 2016

    Mewithoutyou - Tulsa 11.2.16
    On Tuesday, November 2nd, Philip and Tyler got to hang with the wonderful guys in Mewithoutyou, Into it. Over it, and Needle Points at the Vanguard in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It...
  • Limited Edition Iron Horse

    Posted on October 28 2016

    Limited Edition Iron Horse
    It was a normal day at the Walrus HQ. Birds were chirping, coffee brewing and the sound of drill bits buzzing as pedals were being built. Suddenly, it was as...
  • Limited Edition Descent Reverb

    Posted on October 21 2016


    Limited Edition Descent Reverb
    Since the original exploration of the dark caves of the Descent, the crew has taken their exploration into the never ending reaches of space. After exhaustive and haunting testing of...
  • Limited Edition Contraband Fuzz!

    Posted on October 14 2016

    Limited Edition Contraband Fuzz!
    This weeks Limited Edition series brings a seriously gnarly update to our no frills fuzz maker, The Contraband. Our weary smuggler has given us a snap shot into the world of...
  • Limited Edition Julia

    Posted on September 29 2016

    Limited Edition Julia
    We have heard your cries, seen your messages and read your comments (demands) and are very excited to bring our beautifully mysterious Julia back from the depths of her watery...
  • Limited Edition Mayflower

    Posted on September 23 2016

    Limited Edition Mayflower
      Our brave and bold vessel has been lost at sea for many months and has been faced with treacherous seas with storms that will shake, drench and beat even the...
  • Limited Red Aetos Power Supply Giveaway!

    Posted on September 21 2016

      Want a chance to get a FREE Aetos Clean Power Supply?Purchase ANY pedal or power supply from our store now through September 30th and you're automatically entered to win! Easy!  ...
  • Limited Edition Jupiter Multi-Clip Fuzz

    Posted on September 16 2016

    In Roman mythology, people believed that Jupiter granted them supremacy because they had honored him more than any other people had. Maybe its because we have a high gain fuzz pedal named...
  • Limited Transit Switcher & Labor Day Giveaway!

    Posted on September 02 2016

    We are starting off the Labor Day weekend with a double whammy! Today we are offering a limited to 20 run of our pedal board real estate saving, Transit True...
  • Limited Edition Luminary Quad Octave Generator

    Posted on August 26 2016

    Limited Edition Luminary Quad Octave Generator
    We're super excited to put out this extremely limited to 20 run of our Luminary Quad Ocatve Generator. Featuring updated artwork with a wide-eyed, blood shot eyeball that stares back at...
  • Limited Edition Messner Overdrive

    Posted on August 19 2016

    Limited Edition Messner Overdrive
      The adventurous explorer that brought us true, transparent and clear overdrive has returned from his summit. With a hunger to share his findings from his lone treacherous climbs, he...
  • 385 Overdrive Now Shipping!

    Posted on August 16 2016

    385 Overdrive Now Shipping!
    The crazy anticipation for the release of the much talked about 385 Overdrive is over! We have units built and ready for shipping. We haven't been this excited for a...
  • Limited Edition Custom Astronaut Voyager

    Posted on August 05 2016

    Limited Edition Custom Astronaut Voyager
    We're excited to announce that we've got a special limited run of our cherished Voyager overdrive with some killer new art by our friend Chris Castro. For this batch only,...
  • Contraband Fuzz

    Posted on June 06 2016

    Contraband Fuzz
    Having ruled that fuzz distorts reality and amplifies the truth, a future dystopian nation outlawed fuzz decades ago because its effects on children and families in the past were undesirable....
  • Limited Customs

    Posted on December 25 2015

    Limited Customs
    Hark! We got some of these customs finished up for you guys.  Available today! We are very thankful for you guys.  You've been supportive in our efforts to build quality equipment...
  • Vanguard Dual Phase

    Posted on November 03 2015

    Walrus Audio is thrilled to announce the release of the Vanguard Dual Phase. The Vanguard was designed to create evolving beds of sound; from thick and sweeping harmonics to symphonic...
  • Messner Overdrive

    Posted on September 16 2015

    In 1978, Reinhold Messner was the first man to ascend Mt. Everest without the use of supplementary oxygen.  The summit of Everest; where the air is pure, transparent, and crystal...
  • Unconventional Use for the Voyager

    Posted on August 11 2015

    Overdrives have typically been reserved for adding a little bit of grit to your signal. Since it is what they were designed for, you really can’t argue against that. They...
  • Bellwether Analog Delay

    Posted on June 30 2015

    Today, is a good day.  Walrus Audio is happy to announce the release of it's newest pedal. The Bellwether is a bucket brigade delay pedal with tap tempo.  Offering analog...

    Posted on February 12 2015

    Walrus Audio is excited to announce the newest addition to their boutique line-up: The Phoenix Clean Power Supply. The Phoenix is a 15-output isolated power supply, utilizing two internal custom...
  • Jason Isbell / Walrus Meet-Up

    Posted on December 05 2014

    Willie Nelson, Allison Krauss, and Jason Isbell recently came through town so obviously I tried my hardest to get a time set to meet with Jason Isbell and his band....
  • OneRepublic / Walrus Meet-Up

    Posted on December 05 2014

    We recently had the chance to take our demo board to the OneRepublic show when they came through Oklahoma. Brent (Cello and Bass) was the first to show up to...
  • ACM Music Business and Theory Tutorials

    Posted on December 05 2014

    The pedal/gear industry is a fun place to be but it can get "noisy" at times. When everyone is using ambiguous descriptions to classify sound, cloning each other, and trying...

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