Jimmy Eat World - May 16, 2018

Posted on 22 May 2018

If you've followed us for a little bit, you'll know that Jimmy Eat World is a favorite of ours. Heck, Tyler has lyrics tattooed on his arm from "For Me This is Heaven." So meeting up with the guys again was a real treat. Plus driving to Tulsa means we have our obligatory stop at Burn Co for some great BBQ.

Since meeting the guys last year and introducing them to our pedals, they've tried out the gear and even used the 385 Overdrive on bass and the Descent Reverb on their two newest singles. We left them with an ARP-87 delay and Fathom reverb so we'll see where that takes them next!

This meetup wasn't without its laughable moments. As soon as we plugged in and turned on our amp in the green room, it blew a fuse and we were left with a group of dudes with a guitar circled around a useless pedal board. Fortunately singer Jim Adkins was thinking on his toes and noticed a cable laying next to the green room's surround sound that was hooked up to a flat screen. We just happened to have our handy dandy GFI Cabzeus with us and were able to run the pedals through the stereo speakers in the aux channel. After laughing off how *good* it sounded, everyone had a great time trying out our pedals and talking gear. The show of course was great and spanned some really great songs spanning their whole career. 


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  • Jonathan M: May 23, 2018

    Awesome. I remember when Clarity was released, it blew my mind. Easily my favorite album of that decade.

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