Walrus Audio Pedal Play: Fathom Multi-Function Reverb pt. 2

Posted on 27 March 2018

We gave local artists, Chavez Soliz and Taylor Johnson a Fathom Multi-Function Reverb and asked them to write a song inspired by the sounds that came out of it. We're quite fond of the results.

Learn more about the Fathom here: https://www.walrusaudio.com/products/fathom-multi-function-reverb-1

Audio recorded and mixed by Nathan Holliday
Shot and edited by Charlie Molleur
2nd Camera and Graphics by Tyler Evans

Guitar (Strat) - Chavez Soliz
Guitar (ES 347) - Taylor Johnson
Bass - Ryan Magnani
Drums - Alberto Roubert

The Gear:
1977 Fender American Stratocaster, 385 Overdrive, Fathom Reverb, Songbird Red Tail Amp.

Gibson ES 347, DIY Fuzz, Fathom Reverb, Vox AC15

Fender P Bass, Milkman Half & Half, Ampeg Cab.

Drums - -Istanbul Agop traditional dark 22" ride cymbal
Istanbul Agop traditional medium 15" hi-hat
6'5x14 big bob pork pie snare
Tama kick pedal
C&C drums

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