Emissary Pedal Play

Emissary Pedal Play


We challenged local musicians Chavez Soliz, Taylor Johnson, John McCall and Alberto Roubert to write a song centered around the new Emissary Parallel Boost. They didn't disappoint.

Built from the ground up, Walrus Audio has developed a new 2-in-1 boost to help make leads stand out, slides sing, and finger picking really come to life. Like the veins its named after, the Emissary Parallel Boost features two independent boost circuits running in parallel to work together to help give your tone a real “sinus clearing experience”. Use one or the other by itself, or mix any combination of both by turning up each knob to the desired level.

Learn more about the Emissary here

Audio recorded and mixed by Nathan Holliday
Shot and edited by Travis Warren
Graphics by Tyler Evans

The Gear: Fender American Deluxe Telecaster, Emissary Parallel Boost, Fathom Reverb, Fender Twin Reverb & UA OX Amp Top Box.

Gibson ES 347, Emissary Parallel Boost, Fathom Reverb, Bad Cat Cub III 15. Fender P Bass, Cali76 Compressor, Milkman Half & Half, Ampeg Cab.

Drums - -Istanbul Agop traditional dark 22" ride cymbal Istanbul Agop traditional medium 15" hi-hat 6'5x14 big bob pork pie snare Tama kick pedal C&C drums.