Fathom and Slö Reverb

Fathom and Slö Reverb

If we looked through our inbox, one of the most asked questions we get is, “What is the main difference between the Fathom and Slö reverbs?” Please allow us to elaborate.

Slö Multi-Texture Reverb

The Slö has three very different programs than the Fathom. The Dark mode takes the lower octave from Sonar mode on the Fathom and expands on it with deeper modulation options.

Rise is a unique volume swell meant for slow, ambient playing. Don’t rush it. Note that this mode works best in front of your amp, not through the FX Loop.

Dream mode is a huge, lush reverb where the sustain switch becomes a latching pad. Play over and combine with other delay/reverb for max awesomeness.


While both pedals have modulation options, the Slö has some ways to dive a little deeper. Holding down bypass lets you change your wave shapes to sine, warp or sink. Holding down bypass and rotating the depth knob will change the speed of the modulation. When in Dream mode, the X knob becomes a subtle vibrato control in addition to the modulation already running.



While the Fathom can be a great ambient sound scaping tool, you’ll find it a little easier to get more “traditional” sounding reverbs out of the Fathom with the Hall and Plate modes.

Lo-Fi mode has a little more gritty feel with trails that are almost “AM Radio” inspired with the X knob adjusting filter width.

Sonar mode gives you the ability to bring in a lower or higher octave or blend them together. With the X knob at noon, you’ll hear equal parts lower and higher octaves in your reverb decay.


Modulation on the Fathom is for the ones that just wanna plug in and play. Simple and easy with Low, Medium and High options. There are no adjustable wave forms or speeds like the Slö, just a slow and easy pace to give your reverb a little movement.


Either way you go, you're in for a treat. Both can do ambient really well, it just boils down to what feature set appeals to you the most. For extra bonus points, get both so you can have the Fathom to run through the Slö while you latch it in Dream mode.