ACM Music Business and Theory Tutorials

The pedal/gear industry is a fun place to be but it can get "noisy" at times. When everyone is using ambiguous descriptions to classify sound, cloning each other, and trying to build $600 fuzzes, you can get worn out easily. So we took it upon ourselves to talk about something else for a while. Let's face it; the most important thing in a musician's career isn't tone or gear. They are essential but they won't make or break you. What will make or break you is how deep your music theory goes and how wide your music business know-how can stretch. In 2015, Walrus is partnering with the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) in downtown Oklahoma City to bring several 2-3 minute tutorial videos on the basics of music business and theory. The videos feature the faculty of ACM speaking about the fields they specialize in. We've got seven down and expect to keep running with it. The videos will cover tour budgeting, ASCAP/BMI, copy writing, licencing, mastering, mixing, and much more. We're excited to share them with you and hopefully they will help you as you look to further your musical career or just add strength to your hobby. You rule, Colt