OneRepublic / Walrus Meet-Up

We recently had the chance to take our demo board to the OneRepublic show when they came through Oklahoma. Brent (Cello and Bass) was the first to show up to the crew room. He came and jammed the bass a bit and really took a liking to the Janus. Then he engaged the Descent and got really excited. He yelled "Bring me my cello!" to the techs (in a nice way). They brought it in and he took us to Ambient-Town. We found some settings that really clicked with his style and he asked Brian Carroll, his tech, if he could use it that night; which is every tech's nightmare - to use an untested product in the live show! Brent won and we peeled the Descent off the demo board and wired it into his live board. He used it on a few songs that night but you could really hear it shine on Au Revoir. It's a beautiful cello-driven piece from their new album, Native. Drew, the guitarist used some gear in his new rig pictured below too. It was a fun day! Chill, Colt IMG_4651 IMG_4652