Walrus Audio is excited to announce the newest addition to their boutique line-up: The Phoenix Clean Power Supply. The Phoenix is a 15-output isolated power supply, utilizing two internal custom wound toroidal transformers to provide the highest noise filtering and cleanest power, giving artists the purest sound in their signal chain possible. It comes in two voltages, 120V and 230V, serving artists all over the world. Walrus Audio will release the Phoenix 120V to North America and Japan. The Phoenix 230V will be released to the European Union and Australia.
    Outputs: 9V 100mA - 8 9V 300 mA - 4 18V/9V 100mA - 1 12V/9V 100mA - 2
With its four isolated 300mA outputs, the Phoenix has to power to run the larger Strymon units like the BigSky and TimeLine. Three outputs include a toggle option to run 9V or 12V (two outputs) and 9V or 18V (one output) giving life to pedals with unconventional power requirements. The Phoenix fits under most pedal boards such as the PedalTrain PT-2 and up. The Phoenix comes in a durable tour-proof midnight blue texture enclosure. Exact size is 9.75” long, 2.6” wide, 2” high. The artwork features original sketch artwork of a Phoenix bird with its wingspan sprawled across the top of the enclosure. Walrus Audio is offering The Phoenix for a retail price of $279 and is available for preorder now at and will be available at multiple outlets. Official release date is set for February 24, 2015.