Limited Edition Iron Horse

Posted on 28 October 2016

It was a normal day at the Walrus HQ. Birds were chirping, coffee brewing and the sound of drill bits buzzing as pedals were being built. Suddenly, it was as if all noise outside had stopped. A chill came over all of us. Not one related to cold, but one that unwillingly emanated as if an invisible presence were passing by. Directly above our shop, clouds darkened and started swirling around us. With one single flash of light and a hauntingly ghoulish laugh, there appeared a pumpkin at our door with a carving knife stuck in the top of it. Almost as if it was telling us to cut it open. After removing the top with surgical precision and discarding what seemed like 10 pounds of gooey, slimy pumpkin guts, we found a gift. The Iron Horse distortion. But it was different. Haunting, sinister and creepy. We loved it. Our wild stallion now dons a new rider. A caped, faceless figure bringing us tone capable of waking the dead. Ruthless, unforgiving and bone chilling. From subtle distortion all the way to gnarly leads, the Iron Horse is here in a twisted new form for a very limited time.

We've got a killer new limited look for our punchy distortion. Updated with Silver knobs, purple LED and new art by our friend Cole Roberts. He's an illustrator and his favorite holiday happens to be Halloween, so it was only fitting to have him collaborate with us. Grab yours now, these are limited to only 35! Order now, expected to ship Nov. 2nd!



Limited Iron Horse


The Iron Horse is a return to the classic distortion: thick, punchy, riffy and rowdy. It is full of high gain and perfectly made for the rock guitarist in need of thick rhythm or cutting solos. Dial back the gain and it can be used as a thick, warm overdrive. The Iron Horse has three distortion modes operated by a toggle switch that changes between different clipping diodes providing more versatility in shaping the tone of the distortion. It has three control knobs: Level, Tone and Distortion and True Bypass switching.


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