Limited Edition Jupiter Multi-Clip Fuzz

Limited Edition Jupiter Fuzz

In Roman mythology, people believed that Jupiter granted them supremacy because they had honored him more than any other people had. Maybe its because we have a high gain fuzz pedal named after the thunderous god or maybe its because he's jealous of another hammer-toting thunder god from Greek mythology that's been franchised a little too much lately. Whatever it is, we're taking it as a sign that Jupiter has smiled on us. With a thunderous clap, the skies have opened above Walrus head quarters and produced a special item blessed by none other than the mythic being himself.

Today we are stoked to release a limited to 25 run of our multi-clip fuzz, The Jupiter. Featuring a new take on our mighty Roman Pantheon God, Jupiter.  

For this batch only, we've updated the enclosure with a charming semi gloss black and adorned it with a royally eloquent gold ink. A combination that is sure to shine in your "standing over your board looking down with your shoes pokin out" instagram post. Grab one now! When these are gone we'll be letting our fellow Roman friend return to the cosmos and we won't be running this artwork again!

Order now, ships Friday, September 23rd! 

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The Jupiter is a true bypass fuzz pedal inspired by the desire for gritty, thick and loud fuzz. Fuzz pedals tend to emphasize specific frequency ranges, which is both a positive and negative attribute. The Jupiter’s controls allow you the ability to dial in the right amount of fuzz with the right tonal quality to either stand out in the mix, or ride it out with the drums and rhythm. It includes a Mode switch that changes between three different clipping diode arrangements, providing more options and combinations of fuzz and tone and a Bass boost toggle switch for increased low end.

"The Walrus Jupiter: because you have no reason to hold back. Designed for those who desire unabashed, thick, gritty, loud fuzz with 3 familiar turn dials, and two toggles that allow for three different clipping arrangements and a bass boost for an out-of-this-world low end." -