Limited Edition Messner Overdrive

Posted on 19 August 2016

Limited Edition Messner Overdrive


The adventurous explorer that brought us true, transparent and clear overdrive has returned from his summit. With a hunger to share his findings from his lone treacherous climbs, he seems...different. Beaming with a new glow about him, he has brought us a truly unique, colorful and rare gift. However, he's only brought a few to share. Fifty to be exact and we have the opportunity to pass it along to you, our faithful followers of the tusk.

We've got a special limited to 50 run of our Messner overdrive featuring updated artwork showing the snow capped peaks that he's been busy traversing. For this batch only, our journeyman has returned in a rusty red and teal blue ink on a cream enclosure. Grab one now because we won't run these colors again!

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Limited Edition Messner Overdrive Front

The Messner is a low gain-transparent overdrive boasting a wide range of overdrive possibilities. It is designed to preserve the natural voice of your guitar by not coloring your tone, but giving the user the ability to dial in and out the exact amount of tone they desire.

A toggle switch allows the user to bypass the clipping diodes from the circuit in the open position and employ them in the closed position, allowing a wide range of breakup from subtle to dramatic. Flip it to the open position and dial in a lower drive setting to add subtle aggression to your tone. Run it in the closed position and turn the gain knob up for more compressed and punchy tones. The color control works in all modes, giving you the ability to dial in brighter tones as you turn it up and darker tones when turned down. If you are looking for a low gain, dynamic overdrive that won’t hide your guitar’s natural characteristics, meet my friend, the Messner.


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