Limited Edition Mayflower

Posted on 23 September 2016

Limited Edition Mayflower


Our brave and bold vessel has been lost at sea for many months and has been faced with treacherous seas with storms that will shake, drench and beat even the toughest matted haired, one toothed, one eyed pirate. Up against what seems like impeding doom from a sea creature of mythical proportions, our adventurous ship has overcome all odds and has returned with its holds full. Not with gold or diamonds or even a spiced rum but a rare and precious treasure of transparent and organic overdrive. But something is different this time. There's a look about this bounty of the likes we've never seen before. It seems to have somehow taken on a snapshot of the lone surviving captain's vivid and epic tale and been immortalized as limited edition artwork on the mid-range overdrive pedal. It's a special find for sure and we're really excited to share these with you. Grab one now before this unique Mayflower sets its sails to the wind again to never return.

Available in 3 different color variations along with limited knobs that have never graced the deck of the Mayflower before, this is sure to be a standout pedal to place in your lineup.

Cream/Teal/Red on a matte black enclosure with red knobs.
• Limited to 30 •

Cream/Red on a navy enclosure with silver knobs.
• Limited to 20 •

Red/White on a navy enclosure with silver knobs.
• Limited to 20 •

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Limited Mayflower Detail

The Mayflower is a true bypass, midrange overdrive pedal that falls in-between the Voyager’s low gain preamp settings and the Iron Horse’s full and harmonically rich distortion. The Mayflower boasts a transparent, midrange signal that is great for cutting through or adding to the rhythm. It includes Level, Drive, Bass and Treble controls for a large range of tonal versatility. The Mayflower provides a transparent and organic sounding breakup that allows tweaking and shaping to boost your original tone.

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