Limited Transit Switcher & Labor Day Giveaway!

Posted on 02 September 2016

Limited Edition Transit

We are starting off the Labor Day weekend with a double whammy! Today we are offering a limited to 20 run of our pedal board real estate saving, Transit True Bypass 5 Button Switcher featuring updated artwork reminiscent of a London Underground Beck Map. 

For this batch only, our normal train has docked and we've updated the enclosure with stripes of blue and orange that connect your signal chain to many different possible destinations. The enclosure is white with a subtle grit texture. Grab one now! We won't be running this artwork again!


Limited Edition Transit

The Transit is a True Bypass Looper system useful for organizing your pedalboard and giving your pedals the benefit of True Bypass. The Transit can also be used to create a Signal Loop, which may contain any number of pedals all activated by a single switch. These pedals are effectively True Bypass as well. Simply activate all pedals you want for a specific chain and then run into any one of the 5 channels on the Transit. Once the Channel is activated it will then send a signal to the pedals (that are already activated) and then feed that signal back into the Transit thus allowing you to use multiple pedals in a chain at once.

Those of you using a larger board with hard to reach areas can also use this a great organizational tool. Place the Transit at the front of your board and run individual pedals into a channel on the Transit and use it as your on/off!

385 T-Shirt Giveaway

We also have some 385 Overdrive shirts that we would love to give away for Labor Day!

Purchase a 385 Overdrive direct from us today, September 2nd, through Monday the 5th and we'll include a shirt in your order free! Just make sure to note your size in the note box when going through checkout! These are printed locally by our friends at The Oklahoma Shirt Company on Bella jersey knit, black shirts with a yellow discharge ink. In other words, its really soft and begs to be worn.

Have a solid weekend! We can't wait to get these Limited Edition Transits into the wild!


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