RED High-Gain Distortion Pre-Order

RED High-Gain Distortion Pre-Order


Born from a virus of unknown origins, Walrus Audio is excited to announce The RED. A new high-gain distortion that is a mean, heavy, no mercy distortion that will make you want to tune down and put on a viking helmet. So sharpen up your palm muting techniques. The circle pit just opened up.


Inspired by the brutal, heavy tones found in early 90’s heavy metal and shoegaze bands, Walrus Audio has designed a new high gain distortion that is capable of achieving aggressive, pounding, thick tone that will appeal to everyone from skate punks, to heavy hearted chord spillers, to the Swedish Death Metal players. The RED is a versatile distortion that is sure to become the new high gain staple on players’ boards everywhere.


The RED is rich with standard features that musicians expect. Controls include bass, mid and treble boost/cut knobs, volume, gain and a “texture” toggle switch that provides two levels of compression, or clipping. With the toggle up, it creates a heavily compressed and saturated tone. While in the down position a heavier overdriven tone with more headroom is created. Players will find a very wide range of tone in the gain knob. When rolled back all the way, warm, bluesy gains are easily achievable. Putting the gain at 12 o’clock or past opens the door to tones worthy of Norse mythology.


The die-cast enclosure’s exact size is 3.68” x 4.67” x 1.547”. Power requirements are 9VDC (100mA minimum).


The RED comes in a lightly textured black finish with red and white ink. Artwork features a scientist looking into a microscope discovering the virus that is, The RED.


Walrus Audio is offering The RED for a retail price of $219 and is available for pre-order now at


Official release date is set for January 24, 2017.