The ARP-87 Multi-Function Delay has a secret...

Posted on 17 August 2017



The ARP-87 Multifunction delay has been out one month now and we're stoked to be seeing it pop up in our social feeds quite a bit. The large list of built in features, small foot print and sub $200 price point have made it a stellar delay thats hard to pass up. But there's one feature that we left off the list. We included an easter egg in the pedal. There is actually one more algorithm that's hidden! We love it when our favorite video games or movies give us these little nuggets to hunt for so we thought, why not try it in a pedal?

Now before you get out a screw driver and safety goggles and dig into the pedal, you should know that its all in a certain knob and button combination.

So start tweaking those knobs and have fun. Sound off in the comments if you find it but don't spoil how to do it just yet!

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