Under the Influence

Posted on 18 August 2017

Lets talk about influences. Come now sleep by As Cities Burn changed a lot for me. Back in 2007, The first second I heard the first riff on the first track, Contact, I knew I wanted that guitar tone. I later met Cody (guitar/vocals) at a show in Tulsa, OK. and asked him what he tracked with. He told me it was just normal American Tele. Until that point, I had only played Strats and SGs. So of course, I went and bought a candy apple red Tele. The riffs on that album also changed the way my band thought about writing too. You could probably say that this was one of the most important albums to influence my playing and writing right up there next to The Moon is Down by Further Seems Forever, Clarity by Jimmy Eat World and Life in General by MxPx.

What about you guys? Has any one sound or band influenced you enough to get new gear? Sound off in the comments here or on our instagram page!


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