Why Clean, Isolated Power is Important

Why Clean, Isolated Power is Important

Clean Power Supply


Many of our pedal collections started out the same way. A few pedals thrown into a bag or case that would be laid out on the floor, daisy chained together with a 9 volt adapter plugged right into a $2 Walmart power strip and zip tie or Velcro it into your board. Nothing wrong with that right? Pedals lights come on, noise from the guitar comes out, ready to rock.

So why do we sell these large power supplies with birds on them? We’ll give you a few points on why having clean and isolated power is important.

Minimizes noise

Basically, clean power minimizes noise. For a lot of musicians that one point is enough to stop reading and go grab one right now, but we’ll keep going any way for the gear nerds. *Inhales deep breath* The Aetos and Phoenix use a transformer in order to keep each of the outlets fully electrically isolated. This offers a separate path to each pedal as compared to the daisy chaining set up where the power flows into a single pedal to the next. So, with the isolated clean power, there are no grounding paths between each of the pedals and as a result, it eliminates the ground loops as well as the associated hum. So in other words, less noise in your signal.


There’s a lot of pedals out there that can wig out for many different reasons when daisy chained together. Adding a clean power source to your set up is like giving a room full of anxious cats a dose of Adderall. Each pedal receives its own source of power that is reliable and consistent.

Prevents huge capacitive build-up

With an isolated clean power supply, you are ensured that each one of your power sources are separated or isolated from each other in order to avoid any buildup of huge capacitive power spikes.




Both the Aetos and Phoenix come equipped with 100mA and 300mA outputs. There are a few pedals out there that require more than 300mA but fear not. You can use doubler cables to and run into two different outputs to add up to the power you need!

Individual power rails

You can have an inverse polarity in between the units since the common rail or ground will be the only common power rail all throughout the entire signal circuit where the positive or negative supply is being provided individually to each of the sub-circuit, allowing you to have individual power cells for each one of your pedals.

Whew. So to sum it up without the nerdy talk, clean power makes happy pedals. Each individual outlet is like giving each pedal its own individual private wall outlet making each pedal feel like royalty. If all this power talk gets your tuner heads twisting, then head over to the product page to add some clean power to your board today!