Walk the Moon

Walk the Moon

Walk the Moon was cool enough to come by the shop during the 30 Seconds to Mars Monolith tour and play their song "Headphones" for us. It was incredibly fun, as the guys love talking gear and also admitted that it had been far too long since they had just been in a room together to jam. You can tell by the contagious smiles on their faces while ignoring how hot the shop was that day. Hold on to your butts, thick riffs and abundant energy abound.

Huge thanks to Lunar Music Supply for bringing up the extra guitars and amps to jam with.


Special thanks to:
Universal Audio - www.uaudio.com
Lewitt Audio - www.lewitt-audio.com
Lunar Music Supply - www.lunarmusicsupply.com

Audio recorded and mixed by Nathan Holliday
Video produced by Brian Cates
Camera work by Brian Cates, Philip Hunsicker and Tyler Evans