Walk The Moon Pt. 2

Walk The Moon Pt. 2

After we wrapped shooting Walk the Moon playing their song "Headphones", we asked them jokingly but kinda serious if they wanted to do another. They paused for a quick huddle and graciously agreed to slow things down by a couple BPM and played "I Can Lift a Car."

Huge thanks to Lunar Music Supply for bringing up the extra guitars and amps to jam with.


Special thanks to: Universal Audio - www.uaudio.com
Lewitt Audio - www.lewitt-audio.com
Lunar Music Supply - www.lunarmusicsupply.com/

Audio recorded by Nathan Holliday, mixed by Jaron Nix and mastered by Adam Chamberlain
Video produced by Brian Cates Camera work by Brian Cates, Philip Hunsicker and Tyler Evans