Julianna Deluxe Chorus/Vibrato


Julianna is an all analog, digital LFO, stereo chorus/vibrato with new expanded features.


Building off of the lush, tonal landscapes that the Julia Analog Chorus/Vibrato created, Julianna is an all analog, digital LFO, stereo chorus/vibrato with new expanded features. Julianna is able to produce mild smooth chorus, to seasick vibrato, to everywhere in between. Familiar controls like Lag, Dry-Chorus-Vibrato Blend, and selectable LFO wave shapes are all still here, but Julianna employs some new tricks: The Secondary LFO speed, modulation drift, tap/expression control and momentary features will have you commanding all new kinds of sounds not found in traditional chorus pedals.

The Julianna contains all of the sounds and controls that the Julia has but adds these deluxe features:

• Tap Tempo Control: Set the rate of the LFO with the Rate knob or the tap tempo switch.

• Stereo In/Out Jacks: Run mono in/mono out, mono in/stereo out, stereo in/stereo out.

• Momentary Secondary LFO Speed: Ramp up or slow down to a second LFO rate. See manual for details.

• Drift Function: Gently speed up and slow down the LFO rate. Kinda like having a little robot inside your pedal moving the Rate knob up and down. See manual for details. You'll like this one.

• Random LFO Shape: In addition to sine and triangle, Julianna adds a random wave shape option to modulate the pitch of your signal.

• Tap Division: Select quarter note, quarter note triplet or eighth note multiplier to scale a tapped in tempo.

• Expression Control: Control Depth, Rate or both with an expression pedal.

• External Tap In.


Unlike most other chorus pedals, the Julianna and Julia have a special feature called Lag control. The Lag knob lets you set the center delay time that the LFO modulates. From smooth and tight modulation at lower settings, to a warbling detune at maximum, the Lag knob adds a new dimension to the traditional chorus/vibrato landscape. 

The DCV knob sets the ratio of dry to wet signal through the mono channel of the Julianna. Traditional mono chorus sounds can be heard with the knob set around noon. Pitch vibrato is found in the full clockwise position. The ground in between offers unique blends of chorus and vibrato not commonly found on other chorus pedals.

When both outputs are connected, set the DCV knob to full counterclockwise to send your dry signal to the mono output and vibrato signal to the stereo output for a traditional stereo chorus sound. Explore other variations by turning the DCV knob up slightly to add some vibrato signal to the dry output changing the stereo image.


  • The Julianna comes in a deep lavender enclosure with surf green ink, featuring original artwork of Julia's big sister emerging from the depths that Julianna once ruled. Illustration by Adam Forster.
  • Exact size of the diecast enclosure is 4.77” x 2.9” x 2.3”.
  • Power requirements are 9VDC (100mA minimum).
  • Power supply not included.

Product Manual

Lush Stereo Chorus with loads of features

Lush Stereo Chorus with loads of features

Lush Stereo Chorus with loads of features

Julianna picks up where the Julia leaves off and adds massive deluxe features like stereo in/out, tap tempo, momentary functions and more.

Deluxe Features

You've been begging for it and now its here. Stereo in/out for all the lush sounds. Use the D-C-V knob to manipulate your stereo field.

Control the LFO rate via the tap tempo switch or the rate knob. The added DIV switch lets you select quarter note, quarter note triplet, or 8th note multiplier to scale a tapped in tempo.

Drift is a secondary function of the depth knob. By holding bypass and turning the Depth knob up, the Drift feature gently speeds up & slows down the current rate of the LFO. Its like a little robot is inside moving the rate knob back and forth.

Hold down bypass and turn the rate knob to set a second LFO rate. To ramp up or down to the secondary rate, just hold the tap switch!

Choose from sine, triangle or random shapes to modulate the pitch of your signal.

I think you made some really savvy choices with Julianna. All very worthwhile improvements without overdoing it. Pretty much exactly what I would hope for