First of all,  we are honored that you are on this page and would like to endorse Walrus Audio! That means the world to us. As you can imagine, we receive lots of emails from artists everyday looking to endorse our company, so before we move to second base with our relationship, we thought it would be a great idea to let you know what we are looking for as well as what we expect from our artists. If you think you would be an asset to Walrus Audio after reading through everything, please fill out the form below. If we feel like you would be a good fit, we’ll reach out!

When Walrus Audio is endorsed by an artist, that does not mean that Walrus Audio endorses that artist (This does not mean that we do not like you). The artist will receive a reduced cost when purchasing products and Walrus Audio will benefit by increased brand awareness.

What are we looking for when adding an artist to our Artist Program?

We are looking for artists that have an audience and most importantly we are looking for artists who have influence on other artists. We're looking for a relationship that is mutually beneficial in which you provide value through your unique reach and exposure and we provide it through discounts on our products.

If I am an artist does that mean that I will get my picture on the “Artist Page” on

We reserve the “Artist Page” for artists that we have built a relationship with and who have helped our company by increasing Walrus Audio’s brand awareness.

Can my posts include other brand's guitar pedals?