• Walrus Logo Window Sticker
  • Walrus Logo Window Sticker
  • Walrus Logo Window Sticker

Walrus Logo Window Sticker
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Decorate just about any flat surface with our vinyl, die cut logo decal. Perfect for car windows, bumpers, your guitar, hard shell guitar case, skateboard, thermos, the list goes on!

Color: White

Sticker measures approx. 2.625 in x 3.875 in.



Prepare surface by washing with a mild soap and water solution. Do not use soaps or detergents that contain creams or lotions. Once the surface is free of dirt and oils, dry thoroughly with a lint free cloth. The smoother the surface the better. Decal can be applied to some guitar/gear cases with sublte texture but may require a little more time/attention in the application in ensuring it completly affixes to the surface. Do not apply to freshly painted surfaces. Allow for proper curing of paint before applying the decal.

• Lay decal FACE UP on a smooth hard surface. Squeegee (credit card works well) the surface to ensure good contact between the pre-mask and the vinyl beneath it.

• Lay decal flat FACE DOWN. Slowly remove backing paper from the pre-mask, pulling straight back and flat. Do not pull at an angle.

• Place the vinyl on the area you want to apply the decal. Then squeegee over the whole surface of the decal to ensure that it cleanly applies to the surface.

• Slowly peel back the pre-masking away from the decal using a continuous motion. If bubbles occur in the letters, simply prick with a needle and smooth. Do not use a knife or razor.




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